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Welcome to Casper

Casper presents an attractive display of the aircraft in our European skies. Check out one of the airports by clicking on the map.

It's all there: ultra smooth aircraft motions, photographs of each aircraft, actual aircraft colors so you can easily recognize each airline and trails up to four hours in the past to see what happened earlier today. If that's not enough simply pick any date and time to relive the past!

Casper is an exciting experience for anyone. You can replay the flights from yesterday 100 times faster than real time. Or you can follow that friend that just left on vacation. Click now on one of the airports on the map to see for yourself.

28 August 2014
Google stopt with Flash support

Because the Google Maps Flash API will no longer be supported by Google Maps as of early September...

5 July 2013
Track Norwegian Air Shuttle Boeing 787 on Casperflights

Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA will make several flights in Europe as part of a demonstration of its...